We realise as a business owner you understand the benefits of using video but are either not quite sure of where to start or simply do not have the budget to hire in production crews everytime you want to shoot some video content. As video professionals we understand that there is still a need for high quality production but also realise there is no reason not create your own video content. 

Smartphone Video Academy has been set up to empower business owners and arm them with the skills, confidence and knowledge they need to create their own video content using just their smartphone. 

It is now possible to create high quality videos for your website and social media channels using just your mobile device. With a bit of training and the right strategy in place it can sky rocket your sales and grow your business online. 

We offer workshops and downloadable resources that will help you understand video and turn you in a video creator for your own business.

Our mission is to provide you with quick and easy workshops along with ongoing support to enable you to plan, shoot and edit your own great looking videos in no time.