Feel the fear ...

And just do it anyway...

From speaking to business owners about creating video content for themselves I come across a similar set of excuses;

  • I don't like how I look and sound on camera

  • I come across awkward and wooden

  • I don't have the right equipment

  • I'm worried that no one will watch them or people will laugh at me...

The last point is probably the one that most of us feel but are too afraid to admit. The fear of putting yourself in front of camera can be a daunting one. so many questions are going through your head 'Will people like this?, how do I look?, How do I sound, god I'm looking old... '

Sound familiar? As business owners we are our own worst critic (I am guilty of this as well) we spend too much time worrying about that people might think before we have even done what we need to do. As a professional in the field of video production I always preferred to be behind the camera and stayed away from the presenting.

Now, to some people it may look easy, but let me tell you, it isn't. Before I started producing my own content I had the same fears as you, but decided just to go ahead and do it, it was just a limiting belief I had.

So if you are looking to start creating video content for you own business then get started!, and get out of your own way.

It doesn't have to be perfect to start off with, you just need to get used to it. You will also find that the more you do it you might actually start to enjoy it.

What you can also count on is that your competitors will be getting over these limiting self beliefs and will start to crush it with video. 

So what are your fears of appearing on camera? I'd be interested to know and see if I can help you on your way.

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