The problem with not having a clear production strategy

Producing video content for your business can be highly effective but it also can be tricky to get it right.

You can film and upload online within a matter of minutes but without a clear production strategy you will just be ‘hitting and hoping’ and may not be connecting with your intended and targeted audience. 

Here are a few points to help you structure a clear video strategy;

1. WHY?

Why are you producing videos? what is the need for producing video content and what do you ultimately want to achieve? There must be a need and pain you want to solve in your business that lead you to thinking you should be producing your own content. This could be as simple as saying ‘we want to stand out from our competitors' or 'we want to explain a complex process clearly' 

You need a clear 'WHY' to enable you to build a solid video strategy 

2. WHAT?

What do you want to communicate? what do you want to say in your video content and how do you want to do it. There is more than one way to communicate what you do and how you say it. Nailing your message and your 'WHAT' in the early stages will make your video content more effective in the long run.


Where do you want to have the videos produced, would they be shot in a studio or on the premises of you business or on location somewhere? If you are a small company with only a few employees and work from home you might want to consider shooting your video content in a studio. If you are a company with cool offices and an impressive workspace it would make sense to showcase this and focus on it in your video content. Choose carefully the location for your video content and how you will do it.

4. WHO? 

Who do you want to watch your videos? , you can't appeal to everyone and must have a firm idea of your target audience. You want to imagine that your perfect client or customer is clicking play and watching your video content, how do you want them to engage and consume your videos?

So in order to produce effective video content and see a return on your investment you must have a strategy in place. Look at how many videos you want to produce over a year for example and break down the WHY, WHAT, WHERE & WHO

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