Why Mobile video is the future

We are on the edge of a new digital media generation.

The first part of this digital media generation was dominated by static websites and search engines, we then moved on to a new generation which saw the emergence of blogs, sharing tools and social media . As we now move in to a third generation, mobile devices are leading the way and specifically how video is interacted with and consumed.  

Google say that in a typical day 98 % of 18-34 year olds are using smartphones to watch video content. There's no getting away from it, it is becoming the most popular way to watch videos. When someone is watching mobile video content out and about they are more likely to be meaningfully engaged because they are looking for information or watching something that is connected to a passion or interest. 

So how do you make sure your video content is suitable for mobile viewing? 

Here are 3 ways you can maximise mobile video content: 


1. Build for mobile

Instead of just creating one size of video we now need to look at the possibilities available in vertical and square video. Your content needs to be produced in a certain way to stand out on mobile and take up more space on the screen. You have to pay attention to the social media platform you are uploading to, but vertical and square videos are highly effective on mobile and stand out for the crowd. 


2. Engage with the viewer

We are easily distracted and drawn to shiny buttons and objects when scrolling though our newsfeeds when mobile. We all suffer from SOS (shiney object syndrome) now and again with so much going, so much to choose from. Beat SOS and get straight to the point in your video content.  You have 8 seconds to grab people,s attention, don't waste time with long intros, grab them and keep them there. 


3. Keep it short

This is the most important tip. In order for you to create video content that will engage your viewers, you have to keep it short. You have to remember that the person consuming your content is not sat down in front of a TV watching. They are busy, out on the move and need quick, engaging content. Keep your video content short and to the point. If you have a longer video then think about how you can create 'teasers' from that content and engage your viewer that way. 

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