The biggest stumbling block I come across when speaking to business owners about creating their own video content is the TECHNICAL side to the process.

So many of us get up in the technical elements of video content that they never make that step forward to start creating. They are bombarded with conflicting views of what kit they need and how they are 'supposed' to be doing it.

Listen to an expert:

  • Stop messing about with green screens, they will only give you an added nightmare in editing and lighting -

  • Get 4K video out of your head, unless you have a high powered editing device it will cause you more problems and frustrate you.

  • Stop using auto-cues, unless you're a trained TV presenter the process is see-through and un-genuine (learn your lines)

As a beginner, focus on essential areas such as composition, sound, and delivery on camera. This is what your audience wants, the technical side can be refined along the way. So stop fussing on the technical side of video and start doing ..